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Class A Motorhome Repair



Expert Class A Motorhome Repair & Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Are you in search of top-notch Class A motorhome repair and service in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, Texas? Look no further! Patriot RV Tech is your trusted partner for all your RV repair needs. With a team of experienced technicians and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that your Class A motorhome receives the care and attention it deserves.

Common Class A Motorhome Repairs

Class A motorhomes are known for their luxury and spaciousness, but like any other vehicle, they require maintenance and repairs over time. Some of the most common repairs include engine issues, appliance malfunctions, electrical system problems, plumbing repairs, slide-out difficulties, roof maintenance, and awning repairs. These issues can disrupt your travel plans and affect your overall RV experience. That’s where Patriot RV Tech comes in.

Why Choose Patriot RV Tech?

When it comes to Class A motorhome repairs, Patriot RV Tech stands out as the preferred choice. Our team of highly trained technicians specializes in addressing these common motorhome problems with precision and efficiency. We understand the unique needs of Class A motorhomes and have the expertise to diagnose and repair these issues promptly, ensuring you can get back on the road quickly. At Patriot RV Tech, we prioritize your safety and comfort, providing you with peace of mind throughout your RVing adventures.

Why Choose Patriot RV Tech for Class A Motorhome Repair & Service?

1. Specialized Expertise

At Patriot RV Tech, we specialize in Class A motorhome repair and service. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and training in handling these luxurious and spacious recreational vehicles. From engine diagnostics to electrical systems, we’ve got you covered.

2. Convenient DFW Location

Located in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, we are easily accessible from anywhere in the metroplex. Whether you’re in Dallas, Fort Worth, or any surrounding area, our service center is just a short drive away.

3. Comprehensive Motorhome Services

We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your Class A motorhome’s specific needs, including:

  • Engine Repairs: Our experts can diagnose and fix engine issues to keep you on the road with confidence.
  • Appliance Repairs: From refrigerators to air conditioning units, we can repair and maintain all your motorhome’s appliances.
  • Electrical Systems: We troubleshoot and repair electrical systems, ensuring your RV’s safety and functionality.
  • Plumbing Repairs: Leaky faucets or faulty water heaters? We’ll have your plumbing problems resolved quickly.
  • Slide-Out Repairs: If your slide-outs are stuck or malfunctioning, we’ll get them moving smoothly again.
  • Roof Maintenance: We offer roof inspections and repairs to prevent leaks and water damage.
  • Awning Repairs: Enjoy the shade and shelter of a well-maintained awning.
  • Interior Upgrades: Enhance your RV’s interior with our renovation and remodeling services.

4. Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your Class A motorhome. We offer comprehensive preventive maintenance services to keep your RV running smoothly and minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Service Areas

Patriot RV Tech proudly serves the following areas:

  • RV Repair Dallas
  • RV Repair Fort Worth
  • DFW RV Repair
  • TX RV Repair
  • Motorhome Repair DFW
  • Motorhome Repair TX

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At Patriot RV Tech, we understand the importance of a reliable and well-maintained Class A motorhome. Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality repair and service to ensure your motorhome’s longevity and your peace of mind on the road.

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Your Trusted Partner for Class A Motorhome Repair & Service

Patriot RV Tech is your go-to source for expert Class A motorhome repair and service in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. We take pride in delivering top-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Whether you’re a full-time RVer or a weekend warrior, your satisfaction is our priority.

Don’t let motorhome issues keep you from enjoying the open road. Contact Patriot RV Tech today, and experience the difference of working with the best in the RV repair industry. We’re here to keep your Class A motorhome running smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories on your journeys.



Patriot RV Tech is a 100% Veteran owned & operated Business. Our certified RV Technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality mobile service possible, We provide maintenance and repair services at reasonable prices to provide your family with peace of mind while your family is out on the road enjoying our amazing country.

Our goal is to surpass your expectations of the Mobile repair industry by providing superior customer service from our team of NRVTA Certified Technicians. We build trust by keeping in contact with clients until they become truly satisfied Patriot RV Tech Customers.

At Patriot RV Tech we make our customers a priority by not only our paramount attention to detail, but also by providing a safe and respectable work environment inside your RV. Before our team of Certified Technicians begin any work we educate our customers on the entire process to ensure there are no inconveniences or hidden fees encountered for our customers.

Patriot RV Tech takes great pride in being a locally owned and operated business with a foundation built on providing superior service for not only our local customers but also to all of the customers we meet on the road. If you are in need of AC, Water Heater, Furnace, Absorption Refrigerator, Exterior, Electrical, or Hydraulic repair or maintenance.

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